News Letter

 Every year, we publish the News Letter called “SESPP Forum”, the project results at the end of the fiscal year.

 You can download the latest News Letter and back issues from the link below.NewsLetter_13_E.png




 Latest News Letter

No.13 (March 2016)   [1.25MB] 



 Back issues

No.12 (March 2015)  [1.54MB] 
No.11 (March 2014)  [1.58MB]
No.10 (March 2013) [1.44MB]
No.9 (March 2012) [593KB]
No.8 (March 2011) [771KB]
No.7 (March 2010) [345KB]
No.6 (April 2009) [220KB]
No.5 (July 2008) [677KB]
No.4 (December 2007) [212KB]
No.3 (March 2007) [467KB]
No.2 (January 2006) [733KB]
No.1 (June 2005) [288KB]

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