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Chairman's Greetings
Implementation of Vocational Ability Evaluation Tests
National Trade Skill Testing & Certification
Computer Services Skills Evaluation Test
CAD Tracing Specialist Skill Examination
Business Skills Test -Business Career Kentei -
Strengthening of the Manufacturing Base
National Skills Competition
Youth Monozukuri Skills Competition
World Skills Competition
Skill Grand Prix
Implementation of Project for Supporting the Vocational Ability Development of Young Skilled Workers
Strengthening of Foundations for Career Development
Preparation and Dissemination of Vocational Ability Evaluation Standards
Provision of career development support tools
Vocational Ability Development Service Center
Seminars and Lectures
Provision of support for course designation under Training and Education Benefits System and information on designated courses
JAVADA Information Magazine
Promotion of International Cooperation
Implementation of Skills Evaluation System Transfer and Promotion Program
Asia-Pacific Region Human Resources Development Cooperation Program
Available Publications in the JAVADA Library
Prefectural Vocational Ability Development Association Addresses
Skills Evaluation System Promotion Program (SESPP)
The Asia-Pacific Region Human Resources Development Cooperation Program

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